What is Biothane?

Biothane has become very popular in recent years, as this synthetic material with its many advantages is undoubtedly the ideal fabric for everyday dog life. Initially used in the equestrian community, it has now been widely developed and is beginning to make its gradual appearance in the canine and feline environment. Developed by the American company that gave it its name, Biothane combines a webbing often made of nylon or cotton and polyester, covered with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

This combination makes it possible to :

  •     withstand up to 1100 pounds of pulling strength!
  •     be resistant to all temperatures, even the most extreme
  •     be waterproof, absorbing no liquids
  •     be unbreakable, tear-proof, rot-proof and seawater-resistant
  •     easy to maintain and long-lasting
  •     comfortable and non-abrasive for our pets and our hands
  •     color our daily lives and those of our pets

I then started to find out more and to use Biothane in my own daily life with Oromë. Since I'm often out in the forest or mountains, whatever the weather, Biothane quickly won my heart, and I felt I had to share this wonderful invention with you.

So if you have any questions about this material or the way I work with it, drop me a line for more details 🫶