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Custom H-harness

Custom H-harness

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An entirely custom-made, H-shaped everyday harness that will respect your partner's morphology and well-being. Allowing you to release your dog's shoulders and not restrain his movements, the harness simply follows his natural build and motions.

The softness and smoothness of Biothane beta standard will respect your dog's fur and skin, even if he has shorthair, and guarantee his comfort during his daily walks.

The neckline is non-adjustable by default for easy slip-on, while the chest strap is adjustable on both sides. You can choose to personalize your harness with nickel silver, black or brass hardware. It is handmade in 1 inch width, but can also be made in 3/4 inch for the smaller ones.

Measures and requirements:

The measurements to be taken are shown opposite to enable you to be as accurate as possible (see last panel photo). We recommend using a tape measure (easier to use), leaving the measurement of a finger between the tape and the skin.

1. The neckline: below the neckline, above the beginning of the shoulders. It's important to distinguish between the neck girth (useful for buying a collar, a medal holder) and the whole neck girth, which is lower down on the dog's neck.

2. The chest: just after the front legs, circumference of the chest.

3. The back: which connects the neck and chest. At the base of the shoulders, up to a few inches after the front legs (must not be too low on the back).

4. The underbelly: linking the neck and chest. From the beginning of the chest to a few inches after the front legs.

If your dog already has a harness, you can take the measurements directly on it.

Don't hesitate to specify whether your dog is anxious, reactive or simply very strong, and whether the harness needs to be made even more secure (by adding extra rivets). You can also specify the desired position of the D-rings. By default, the harness will have one attachment on the back and another on the front, at the chest.

Benefits and care:

This harness is handcrafted from standard Biothane beta capable of withstanding several hundred pounds of pressure. Its polyester webbing and thermoplastic coating make it a component with multiple advantages:

- easy to clean, simply dip your collar under water and rub lightly. A soft sponge can be used for stubborn marks.

- odorless 

- highly resistant, tear-proof

- resistant to all temperatures


Delivery time: 7 to 10 working days, just long enough for the magic to happen ✨.

You can choose to pick up your order in person if you live in Montreal and are able to travel. Otherwise, delivery to your home is also available.
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